Portrait, Small Business, and Event photographer

I take pictures to relive precious moments.

My journey through Photography has been unique. Growing up, I actually hated taking pictures.

When I look at old photos, I see the story of my life. How I didn't always have much, but somehow it felt like I had everything. Family, friends, and joy - thats why I do this. Whether its capturing a first haircut, or your 20 year anniversary, Legacy Foto can be there to bridge the gap of capturing an eternal moment.

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Fact 1

I was Born in Atlanta, but am a long time native of Omaha, Nebraska (No plans to move back, don't miss the cold).


Fact 2

Outside of taking pictures and video, a huge hobby of mine is personal finance. Not the most exciting pass time, but hopefully keeps me from working all my life.


Fact 3

I am an extremely passive sneaker enthusiast. In my teenage life, it wasn't uncommon for me to spend all my work money on shoes. I have 40+ pairs now.


Fact 4

Music is an escape for me. I have a broad genre pallet, but my roots run deep for a good R&B or Gospel playlist.